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The first 10 days

2019 is about hacking the self, about seeking inspiration and not simply being influenced. It’s about experimentation and playfulness. It’s about creative gorging. It’s about exploring the new. I decided to take a total social media break for 100 days to see what I could do with a little extra time. I’m also doing my second body hacking challenge of the year with 28 days complete plant-based diet. I started out the year with a 28 day ovo-lacto-pescatarian challenge which went very well. Every 10 days or so I’ll attempt to post some daily observations, notes, etc. Expect lots of pictures of vegan recipes for the next 28 days!

13 February 2019 – 1/100

Work hard, play hard, create hard. That’s happiness.
“If it’s not uplifting, inspiring, and resonating with my entire being, it’s a no!”

Movie: The Gospel of Eureka @ Hollywood Theatre
Really sweet film about the tension between fundamentalist Christians and queers in rural Arkansas. (4/5)

14 February 2019 – 2/100

I can see signs of a new recession. Just walking around finding all the empty retail spaces. People are going out less, are spending less. We will partly Kondo-tidy-joy ourselves into a new recession. There is only the present.

Movie: The World Before Your Feet @ Cinema 21
I really wanted to love this film. I think it’s an amazing idea, but I could not connect with Matt Green. There is a story here, but his process isn’t storytelling, it’s reportage. Left me feeling ultimately flat. (3/5)

Mushroom Udon Noodle Bowl (recipe)
Hearty miso broth with leeks, bok choi and shiitake mushrooms. HIT

15 February 2019 – 3/100

What is the story? What is the why ? To continue, to explore, to adventure, to tell stories. To play. Is it the story of continuing, finding purpose, finding self? It is more than just process, or is it just process?
Veggie count = 8.

Book: The Art of Memoir by Anne Karr

Vegan Quiche with Wilting Greens (recipe)
The dijon mustard in this makes it kinda meh. SO-SO

16 February 2019 – 4/100

Wearing wool and running in the rain. Sore and delighted. “Attention is the beginning of devotion.” (Mary Oliver (RIP) – Upstream). Impatient baking failure.

TV: Season 1: The Travelers
Binge watched season 1. Enjoying it even though there isn’t enough story about future conditions to make it fully satisfying. Really craving more back story. Concept and characters are good though.

Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf (recipe)
This was a fail on my part. Good texture and crust though. RETRY

17 February 2019 – 5/100

Butt in the saddle for 16+ miles on Aknot the Krampus. Maybe a little too much for the first ride, maybe not. Slept a ton. The energy levels feel a bit low, but I might not be eating enough overall. Pushing myself physically feels awesome – flow. Also, stopped to stretch my arms on Williams and found $10 lying in front of me. Used it to buy a vegan BBQ sandwich “almost-bonk-buster”.

New Experience: First time mountain biking. Did an out and back from the house to Leif Erickson drive in Forest Park.

Muddy fun is the best kind of fun!

18 February 2019 – 6/100

The flow state is peace. Must optimize time spent in flow state. Cooking puts me into flow state. Having too much fun making vegan food!

Try #2 Vegan Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf.
Needed to add a bit more lemon, but way better. Loved the coconut sugar sub. HIT
Vegan Pesto with Lemon and Pistachio (recipe)
Never making normal pesto again. MAJOR HIT
Easy vegan “meatballs” (recipe)
They make a darn good substitute. Need to rejigger spices. SO-SO

Concert: Barrie & Miya Folick at Mississippi Studios
Miya Folick is a freaking force of nature. Energetic, fun, passionate small show with an engaged crowd. Went on a whim, and so glad I did!

Miya Folick at Mississippi Studios

19 February 2019 – 7/100

First week of freedom from meat and social media (that is anything but). Alive and vital. Pursuing an even healthier physical and mental course led by more vibrant dreams and a clearer head. S.T.A.R.T

Vegan Lentil, Kale & Quinoa Stew (recipe)
I was skeptical, but this stew is pure warm binkie in a bowl. HIT

20 February 2019 – 8/100

The ability to turn off the monkey lends sharper focus. Immediate and freeing.

Inspiring: Lili des Bellons animation Alma. The colors and style are invigorating.

Angel hair pasta with chard, pistachio pesto and “meatballs”. (recipes above)
Squidge the destructor.

21 February 2019 – 9/100

The wheat bloat is real. Starting to make good forward progress. “Spend the rest of your life celebrating.” My nephew received a 2019 Sloan Research Fellowship award, many congrats to him!

Food for thought: When Algorithms Think You Want to Die.
One of the reasons I’m taking a break from social media is directly due to the algorithms, they have ruined the experience for me which used to be all about surprise and delight. I’m finding that again by revisiting blogs. Articles like the above paint a bleak picture. As if it wasn’t bad enough…

Vegan Cook-Off Day: Thai Edition

Vegan Massaman Curry with Sweet Potatoes and Tofu (recipe)
I’m not much of a curry fan, but I liked it. HIT
Vegan Thai Cook-Off Feast – NOM
Pad Thai, Peanut Noodles with Spinach, and Massaman Curry with Brown Rice
Movie: Poltergeist (5/5)
Can you believe this movie is almost 40 years old? So good. That creepy freaking clown!

22 February 2019 – 10/100

Running has improved dramatically over the past two weeks. What has value? Mindfulness. Creativity. Travel.

Veggie Count: 18

New Experience: Avalanche Awareness Training @ Next Adventure. I’m prepping myself to do some back/side country skiing.

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