The Lunatics - Installation

SYNOPSIS The Lunatics is a 6.5 minute truly interactive, animated fairytale exploring the modern day tug of war between consumption and creation. The Lunatics is presented using a ground breaking, new form of participatory theater, which combines projected animation, sound design and physical participation to redefine the roles of audience and participant. While wearing masks, you are transported into an animated world where you see, hear and physically engage with the fairytale’s themes. Your movements trigger animations empowering you to affect your experience. Not only do you watch the story, you are in the story!

ARTIST’S STATEMENT “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw - This collective of artists came together and developed a common vision to create social awareness through physical organic experiences. During their residency at the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, Warren Brown, Louise Charlebois and Kirstin Hargie connected their passion for mask making, storytelling and digital media and from there, The Lunatics was born. Soon after, international award-winning music composer, Adam Goddard joined the collective in search of the opportunity to score this exciting new form of digital storytelling.


Created By: Warren Brown, Louise Charlebois, Kirstin Hargie

Music By: Adam Goddard

Narration By: Nick Sewell

Developed with the assistance of The Canadian Film Centre Media Lab

Thanks to Faisal Anwar


DEC 2005 “The Lunatics” Interactive Installation - DeLeon White Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada

JUL 2005 Habitat Prototype Launch “The Lunatics” Interactive Installation - Gladstone Hotel Gallery, Toronto, ON, Canada

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