Week 4-23 - Photos

23 January 23: We found our favorite crackers again! I wrote about it in this weeks Haibuno.

24 January 23: It's been cold, the dog's been cold. She is either wrapped up in a binkie or her sweater. Poor dog.

25 January 23: More gelli print monotype play. Starting to get the hang of it with printer paper, but then switched to another type of paper and it was a mess. Loving print play time though.

26 January 23: More glow o'clock. Photos never do it justice.

27 January 23: NM has added a state aroma. Roasting green chile. Of course!

28 January 23: Several times this week we have caught them cuddling together. It was only a matter of time...

29 January 23: Finally finished my first book of '23. And it was so entertaining and surprising. Been enjoying the solarium/hallway more this winter when it's sunny!

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Jamie Larson