Week 38-22 - Haibuno

19 September 2022

First zero emails
long time coming, freedom from

The calm before getting it done is filled with practice without judgement. Arise oh playful one! You are hereby summoned to enact the delicious feast of mark making. Huzzah! Meanwhile fascists are cosplaying straight into spooky season, and overpopulated overfishes east to west and back again. The timeless history of repeating ourselves meets well-timed strikes on foreign objects in outer space. They are precisely measured and clocked due south of the punch card that went out with the Dodo. Do do. Doo Doo. Cockadoodle Don grasping for straws, err, straw men. What a life of gilded pleasures! Did you hear the one about...?

20 September 2022

Pandemic over?
adventure mom caught COVID,
definitely not

The remnants of fog over the desert, in the clouds and breathing puffy. The monster swirls overhead. Nightmares after being triggered induces stingy fingernail biting. Words wise and strong enlighten pain to purpose. Exploratory mode activate! This mound is built on a graveyard of sunflower seeds that whisper... tomorrow.

21 September 2022

Putter time art play
catching up on creative
feeling tick of time

Somedays the words just flow like melted butter across a fresh piece of toast. And other days, stagnancy. I had a dream last night that I was in a new job. My coworker showed me how to fasten the adhesive strips to a clear plastic clip board. And I set to work. Only about 20-30 boards in she said I was doing it wrong. Though I was doing it EXACTLY like it was demonstrated. I woke myself out of the dream saying 'nope', not going to take that kinda BS "you're doing it wrong" in my dreams. There was also something in there about my desk and it was one of those cubby hole desks from grade school filled with tongue depressors, glue, and a whole bunch of crap that I had to dig through to get to a pair of scissors. The second part is clearly a reflection of my office which is a mess of art supplies, and stuff that currently doesn't have a home. Keep the stuff that you don't have anywhere to put it, or get rid of it and have to buy it again in the future? Quandaries. All this to say, there isn't much to say that doesn't also go on repeat in the brain in the sack at night breathing heavily.

22 September 2022

Trip to Santa Fe
new outdoor worm bin and worms
nature and nuture

It either petrifies or blows away. A solution: mitigation through mastication.

23 September 2022

Dancing under stars
over intoxicated
seems to be the new norm

Something is deeply not right, showing up in quiet yet disturbing ways. Lost touch yields to some celebrating losing touch. We wonder if we missed the message, because the medium feels far from healthy. Music to ward off evil barely holding breaths between. We are all students of the complexities of 'seeing it all'. Our compassion wanes in the struggles. Anything that is happening 'out there' is happening to us.

24 September 2022

Failed trip on high road
Chile Relleno for lunch
setting up worm bin

Cosmic nonsense as an emergent practice. Do you embrace complexity, or run the other way, arms waving and screaming at the top of your lungs? S.O.S! Savor our suppleness! Change in a cathartic NOW. It's begging you to compost and fractualize. Continuity continued. TBD.

25 September 2022

Waking up at 6
restless and raring to go
carving time for art

We visited three other shops before one finally had it. The thing to finish the thing because the thing was lost before the thing was finished. It splits apart and lets the bigger go through the smaller. Big thinkers bringing tiny ideas to luminous light - brave, and hazardous. What is giving you hope?

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Jamie Larson