Week 43-23 - Photos

23 October 2023: Tiny lizard brigade is making the rounds enjoying the last days of second summer.

24 October 2023: Been busy clearing out the workshop so our supported residents can have a workspace during their visit. We haven't been able to work in the studios because the electrical is still not complete. Hopefully soon!

25 October 2023: Tongy loves the new banana toy.

26 October 2023: Spinach PI.

27 October 2023: Full moon over Pueblo Peak. Looking good.

28 October 2023: Our neighbor gave us a piece by the late local artist Nikki Marx. It goes so well with our muscovite adorned adobe walls.

29 October 2023: We had some leftover ricotta from the spinach pie so I made some lemon ricotta cookies. They are so fluffy and delicious. Perfect way to welcome in the MUCH colder conditions.

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Jamie Larson