Week 51-2022 - Photos

It's been a slow week... a lot of lounging, resting, and feasting. The anticipation is building for the start of the New Year though! (and snow is in the forecast)

Baked 4 pies over the holiday weekend, this was a new bake for me, a leek, potato, herbed goat cheese, proscuitto galette with pistachio crust. 
It turned out beautifully. And was delicious!
Miga trying not to creep. She's been creeping me non-stop for zoomie time outside since the holiday season started.
We tried our hand at Chinese hot pot. It was amazing. Going to add it as a regular to our cooking routine. Received some great advice from friends who hot pot frequently.
Sun has been replaced with clouds the past couple of days. Which is fine, inside is nice and cozy.
Tongy coming in for his twice daily belly rubs. It's all Hygge all the time this week.
The year end review is in full swing. These are all the Field Notes Notebooks I used in my daily wanderings. I pick a notebook for each month and typically fill a page a day. I also started a 1000 day project, and used the top notebook to record progress on that.

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Jamie Larson