Week 15-23 - Curiosities

Greetings from The Mesa

Winter will not stop. Over it. It does give me lots of time to art, write, and bake new things (check out the recipe at the bottom). Do you feel productive, or not so much, in Spring?

1. Your devices are listening. Your devices are collecting. Time to set aside your devices for a few hours each day. Maybe it's easier for those of us who were born pre-web/social media to put down our devices, and not feel completely tethered to them at all times?

2. "The true test of a civilization may be the answer to a basic question: Can it keep its children alive?" America Fails the Civilization Test Some days it feels like we are on a sinking ship, there are no lifejackets or boats, and the captain is drinking champagne and eating caviar laughing the whole way down. Maybe that's a bit too pessimistic!

3. High resolution radar data has discovered over 19,000 new seamounts. More volcanoes! "Seamounts often occur in chains formed as tectonic plates ride over stationary plumes of hot rock rising from the mantle... To biologists, seamounts’ steep slopes resemble crowded, boisterous skyscrapers for corals and other marine life. “They’re oases for biodiversity and biomass,” There is still so much to discover on this planet alone!

4. There is no AI. "The most pragmatic position is to think of A.I. as a tool, not a creature." Many others have pointed out that it is not AI that is going to replace workers, it is workers who can harness the power of AI that will replace workers... I'm ready to give Bard a chance at producing some code for art projects for a start, cause I am slow and kind of suck at coding.

5. I am pleasantly surprised to be honest. The Supreme Court protects access to abortion pill.  Still waiting for the impeachement of Clarence Thomas though...

Thanks for reading, before you go…

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Eric Kim adapted Briana Holt's sugar buttermilk biscuit recipe, and we made it this morning with some green chile turkey sausage gravy. It's a keeper biscuit recipe! The sweet biscuit balances out the spicy gravy perfectly...

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Jamie Larson