Week 8-23 - Haibuno

20 February 2023

Ice hell at front door
finished edit, ordered proof
reach brainstorm limits

We have reached the time when the decision is final. Or finally executed. Or finely drafted. This all happens when your little sleepy is in americano suspension. For the fourteenth time. Or fortieth. Doesn’t matter. The minute minute is up to fate. No one but you is expecting you to figure out the details that matter. Matter is infinite.

21 February 2023

A privileged asshole
parks up front, asks for the man
we don’t play their games

Some things you expect to happen, don’t. You can ruminate on them for eternity, and then someone comes along and says “hey, waitaminute!”. Time stands still. The press of urgency is no longer an emergency. Several weeks later you’ll watch tumbleweed fly through the air not giving one golly god-damn. The whoopa has been retired. The huzzah is traveling the path of Sinornithosaurus. Rapid evolutionary obscurity. And then suddenly back on the hip side of vintage. 2 tons of spine-tingling scales in 10 foot platform heels. Hayyy gurrlll! How’s that for a plot-twist?

22 February 2023

Snow squall piñon dance
all day howl and wondering

Come on surrender. Yank it out, and let it strangle the quiescence. The pestilential pondering produces promulgations of purgatory. Uninspiring tedium. Vapid humdrum flat. There is actually an opinion piece opining on mainstream dirty. “Let’s talk about sex, baby, let’s talk about you and me…” All the things as examples in context. As pretext for…

23 February 2023

A total meltdown
must learn to trust the process
too much corruption

Ideas flowing, no time for dally.

24 February 2023

Back and forth exchange
cleaning out, and taking stock
patience, there is none

After… the snacking continuity syndrome strikes.

25 February 2023

Thankful for favorites
still slinging pan fried combos
need stability

We rarely make it out of the parking lot without finishing the platter of appetizers. Hunger hijacks the time to dip the dumpling. She asks if I’m hungover from two margaritas 12 hours later. Definitely not. But there may be some residuals in various forms of tingling.

26 February 2023

Self sufficiency
requires careful planning
mapping garden beds

Beyond ready for the cold to subside and the greens to rise. Feeling rootless and rotund ready to spring. Your flattened faux hawk will astonish some, and gratify the rest - do not give up! Never ever err on that side of ever never land.

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Jamie Larson