Week 43-22 - Haibuno

24 October 2022

Couch laptop haiku
cold day, warm fire, toasty tea
cozy season vibes

Technological issues interference. Static. Buzz buzz. The stuff that drives us off the deep end. Kaboom. Reveal, unbox, our daily un-enveloping envelopes us, pass the snot bandana. What are you newly into? I'm relaxing in gelly escapades and full blown hot them winter. What is it about safety and self-reliance versus safety in community? Our memories are getting fuzzier in the trial of time. It takes afternoons in liminal spaces to bring them back into one bright picture that is maybe a lie or at best a partial truth. Bien sûr! It's funny what silence does to the senses. Banana and peanut butter toast and a lovely decaf because you've grown older somehow.

25 October 2022

Driveway was bladed
drawings encapsulated
chores done, elated

It's funny how the memories come to you in dreams, you wake up, "oh yah that's what happened that one time", and then swish completely forgotten. I put my coffee down and promptly "lost it". Seems my partner ran off with it, because don't let warm coffee go to waste. Green tea it is then. The will to catch up is as strong as the will to lay down the Halloween candy and "Just Say No". It will be an apocalypse of our own making, but is it inevitable? Or? The android is making deals with the alien overlords. Traitor! One billionaire too many draining their money down sewers. I will hold on to the $20 I might have spent throwing it away for one billion, and invest it in an elsewhere that is only a somewhere. In the bits and bobs known as ones and zeros - a noumena. I'll let you know how that turns out.

26 October 2022

Driveway was graveled
weird headache outside at lunch
barometer falls

There are threats of violence and intimidation. As if these things are new. They most definitely are not. When fear and a distinct lack of compassion are the loudest voices we are all in trouble. And so it goes. Day 7 - one week in, some days are more struggly than others. The general mood is 'tired'. I hear it from every corner. I'm tired. I'm tired. I'm just tired. One more hour of lack of sleep. Are we on the edge of our seats? Are we holding our breaths? Are we simply resigned? My mind is excessively divagating entirely independent of perception. Do it, you can do it. You can. The back paddock smells like horse shit. The snow takes approximately 4 hours to melt after sunrise which is an hour earlier but not really. Fiction. Fact. It is amazingly provocative when stuck in a steel shell without shoes and a kitchen mitt for a mattress. Outside there is a woman smoking in her haz-mat suit reading nutritional facts. Hóngshuāngxǐ!

27 October 2022

Playing with patterns
granulating colors fun
chatted with nibling

There is an urgency to finish this blank piece of paper. Once done i'm gonna roll it up into a fat ball and launch it to outer space. We are upside down and sideways. What will be will be. Que? No se. The tale of a moose with wanderlust encountering a bus full of on a mission mundane. Uncle Matt says "Oh my", and pats my knee. Ewww. He's got mile-wide boogers in his hankies, and is vaguely creepy. Bug eyed and fidgety. Mama Tami says "Put down that damn phone, and pay attention". A tear rolls down a dusty cheek. S.O.S. The bus rolls off the side of the cliff.

28 October 2022

Adjusting solar panels
for the low winter sunshine
south side solar gain

Surprise surprise the data does not look good. Looks like there is a giraffe on the horizon deliberating a case study of mycelial networks. They shuttle resources! They do not! At the nightmare depository there is a vengeful neighbor raiding the liquor cabinet, and rifling through drawers for pornography. Meanwhile their wife is cos-playing a blank stare. Oh hum. They will achieve collimation in 6...5...4... Make your offerings to mother Earth who's not depending on anyone, especially you. This is when we recognize the moment that our life is going to change because of an encounter with something extraordinarily ordinary. Ho hum - like kinda boring electronic music. It would be just my luck to time travel back to meet Alexander the great dealing with a case of fruit poops. Ah hem.

29 October 2022

Star party expands
Jupiter's eye, Saturn's rings
from our tiny Earth

A mole lives in Saturn's rings between molecules of dust and diamonds.

30 October 2022

Five hours chipping
Pine Siskins and leftovers
our year winding down

Although it is patterned like a kangaroo, its shape, actions, and callnotes all reveal that this bat is really a goldfinch in disguise. After nesting in the decidely deciduous woods, Raccoons move out into semi-open country, where they roam in twittering flocks. Tweet Tweet Tweet. Scurrying around on their tiny toes irruptively wreaking havoc. Garbage! Garbage! Garbage! They are the ideal gift for under $9. They are all about trial and error. Their southward autumn invasions are dramatic but apparently irregular events. Count on these masked bandits to be obtuse. Seasons change, they enact glorious revivals, tremendous gatherings and movements, and we are entirely oblivious. What, you didn't get the text? Back of the beyond, beyond the third trail, to the left of gloaming, diagonal from the hoary frost descending, ARISE, ARISE! Yes, that's my kind of critter. Raccoons irreparably change the way they perceive the structures of power that guard the physical world…. It’s hard to ever have respect for authority again after they've bombed a rail and glided away from the security guard chasing them. What would it be like to be a sole coon survivor found at the base of a single Banyan tree?

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Jamie Larson