Week 9-23 - Curiosities

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Week 9-23 - Photos
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Week 9-23 - Haibuno

Wooo have I fallen behind, and absolutely no good reason for it. Well except maybe that it was my birfday week. I'm a solid Gen-Xer so that should give you an idea how many F's I have left to give. We went to see Tank and Bangas in Santa Fe. It was my fourth time seeing them. So good, so talented, so powerful, so joyful. It was also our first indoor show since the pandemic started. The band is a force of nature that is best experienced live. BTW Tank is hosting a PBS show called Ritual that looks interesting, can't wait to check it out.

Tank and the Bangas at Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery Santa Fe

We have reached year 3 of the pandemic. Maybe it is endemic? Maybe not. No one seems to really know. This has been the theme of the entire situation. I'm collating my Pandem/onium pieces that I kept as pandemic journal during the "lockdown" phase, will turn it into a zine shortly. This was the first one, four days after social distancing started.

3 years later according to WHO we are at 759,408,703 cases, and 6,866,434 deaths worldwide. I would wager that those numbers are undercounts.

My birfday advice for you is this: always eat your cake for breakfast!

Will be back to a regular posting schedule by the end of this week. Hope your March is springing mightily.

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