Meltemi - Tall Tales

She's bathing in moonlight on a sailboat somewhere north of Crete. The stars - millions upon millions more than she's ever seen before. More emerging once the moon sets and the Milky Way arches fully overhead. No soft glow to interrupt the inky darkness. Earlier a smashed octopus under a scandalously small Speedo. The nearby boats creak and sway and make startling noises. Anchor down, anxiety up. Will we lose our mooring? A thousand and one other worries drifting between dreams of drifting away. Sometimes you have no power against this compulsion. The somnambulist wanders aimlessly and ceaselessly, guided by starlight. Her tap roots dragging guy-lines taut and rejiggered. Her soul wanders comforted by the friendly unknown. Those stars inducing paranoia or a feeling of meaninglessness or insignificance. But when she awakens into the breath of recognition that one and one million are the same, the essential units of one whole intertwined. It is mysteriously alive in dreams, visions, and mystical movements. Fanaticism sets in. Clothes and inhibitions are cast aside. The whole being aligns with the universe. Symbiosis and recognition. A dull rhythm rises, taps into the chest, and pulls the heart and brain into syncopated extravagance. One whole wonder rises and falls and spreads its wings. Open armed and activated. She says 'I am ready to go deeper'. But, how to drink from the multitudes of one? She tingles and grasps for a way-sign or guide. This spark of connection drives a different route. Maybe her unknown dark and scary back alley connection will create the biggest tingle. She wanders on deck, picks one star and watches it turn and dwindle. Sparks fly. Manmade snores distract. The impracticality of mother nature never fails to surprise. There are ways around stuck places. Sometimes you have to step sideways. Sometimes you have to cover your eyes to see them. One night she connected with one small star obfuscated by clouds. The constant connection through thick or thin is a mystery but not mysterious. It is just a friendly reminder to knock deeply and stumble forward. We cannot escape the human condition. We can only guide ourselves through the transition of alone - to one of many and all.

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Jamie Larson