Week 17-24 - Curiosities

Sky Drama

Greetings from the Mesa

This spring has been wonderful - warm for the most part, not too windy, and not too dusty. Lovely, i'll take it. Regular moisture is setting us up for a hopefully productive garden season. Our outside overwintering plants are coming back in full force: garlic, rhubarb, horseradish, wolf berries. We are strategizing how to plant over 100 trees, shrubs, and berries that have been overwintering in the greenhouse. The mesa is turning green and the cactuses are beginning to bloom. Hummingbirds returned right on time on tax day. And, we have nesting pairs of Says Phoebes, Canyon Towhees, Mountain Bluebirds, Cassin's finches and Northern Mockingbirds canoodling all around the house. And still we wait...

Curiosities of the Week

  1. Interactive pinyin chart (yoyochinese) to learn how to pronounce Chinese at least somewhat more accurately.
  2. How "Mean Boys" Control Our Culture (Esquire)
  3. The Death Of A Pet Should Be Taken More Seriously By Counselors (IFLScience) Replace 'by counselors" with everyone.
  4. Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes: ‘My father thought makeup was a phase. I’m still going through it 40 years on’ (The Guardian) Love! And Nick is still hotte.
  5. How we met: ‘It felt like chatting with an old friend rather than meeting for the first time’ (The Guardian). This is an awesome story about fellow Happy Rhodes fans and Ectophiles. Love!


TV/Movies: We're still watching a lot of TV, but spring is springing and I have a feeling this will change very soon. On Netflix: Strange Way of Life, The Gentleman, and the Duran Duran doc. On Hulu: Under the Bridge and Secrets of the Octopus. On Amazon: Fallout.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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Jamie Larson