Week 14-23 - Haibuno

3 April 2023

Pulling baby sage:
bend, twist, break, dodge tumbleweeds,
eat quiche for dinner

I have to ask, is it worth taking the time to catch up? Will it lead to quality or crap? Is it bundled in a scarf, tied and twisted? Maybe this is the last year, three years seems like a proper run. Maybe it’s time to move on in some other mode? Or, maybe it is about finding a rhythm, a groove, a motion to hop into to? It is the teeter-totter between wanting to be productive, and wanting to live a full life that is the tilted lumber between.

4 April 2023

Dump Truck arrested
“Lock Him Up!” Throw away key
narcissist downfall

His scowl said it all. Loser.

5 April 2023

Stall in quiet day
editing, getting stuff done
secondary vibes

The quiet within is unquieted by a constant drum of tightness.

6 April 2023

Last ski day of year
falling on Kachina Peak
smiling over beers

The stiffness overcomes me. I fall. I get up. It takes me longer than it should. I clip in. I fall forward again. And then we have a glorious lunch in the severe clear sunshine, and laugh at the gray jays and nutcrackers vying for brat bun domination.

7 April 2023

Ordered second proof
dunking biscotti in life
sipping surrender

We have a dunking problem. It is an end of winter obsession to combat the cold that keeps seeping. Surrender to the crunch.

8 April 2023

Coffee on the deck
sunshine shining dreamily
will it get warmer?

There’s something about sitting in the sunshine drinking coffee in the morning that enlivens the senses like nothing else.

9 April 2023

Middle of nowhere
KP pulled over, warning
pee behind hay bales

She seemed nervous trying to entrap us driving 68 in a 55. Warning. Slow down. We did, and then we didn’t. We had a long way to go to get to the freeway. Driving through the back of the beyond as fast as possible to get somewhere safer. It was a perfectly fine interaction without consequence. That perfectly set a tone to not be repeated.

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Jamie Larson