Week 47-23 - Photos

20 November 2023: Our plumber gave us fresh elk loin - we had it for thanksgiving. It was delicious!

21 November 2023: The only named plant I own - Mr. Pickle - is growing a new limb after many years. Maybe it should be renamed Mr. Pickles.

22 November 2023: Went to the library, picked up a small stack of holiday reading. By the end of the weekend I had already finished Goliath and City of Orange.

23 November 2023: Gotta serve it in something fancy.

24 November 2023: A successful pumpkin pie made from pumpkins we grew ourselves. Victory over the mice was so sweet.

25 November 2023: Snowballs! Finally!

26 November 2023: Overnight there was freezing fog and giant frost crystals grew on everything. Magically sparkly in the sunshine and single digits.

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Jamie Larson