Week 29-23 - Photos

17 July 2023: Batch #2 of Says Phoebes is half fledged. The two grumpers are left to soar.

18 July 2023: So over the heat dome! But, we have dialed in the adobe house ventilation and window coverings so that it stays below 75 for the entire day (without AC). Very glad we blew in 20+ inches of insulation at the beginning of the year. Worth every penny.

19 July 2023: Grumper fledgings being creepers.

20 July 2023: It's been so hot (even though its lovely inside) that we shaved the cats. Squidge is skeptical of the final result, but loved being shaved.

21 July 2023: Finally received some monsoon moisture and the post-storm sunsets have been fire.

22 July 2023: Our Phrynosoma friend (greater short-horned lizard) is back and we've nicknamed him/her Fred. They are a protected species so we are very happy to have them living around the garden area.

23 July 2023: Project of the week has been to prime and paint the studio barns. It's been so hot that we can only work for 3-4 hours in the morning, but we got er done. Already looking so much better.

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Jamie Larson