Week 10-23 - Haibuno

6 March 2023

Tallying phase two
next steps for making land great
lots of work ahead

Do you have the desired thickness down yet? Do you prefer it crispy or chewy or somewhere in-between? Brown, creamy, or taupe? A quiet girl knows only silent rhymes. Lines tearing through queues tearing up at sad stories. She got spooked by snow sliding off the roof. Her eyes are puffy, and her ears are taut. The plaster is stained and cracking. Is it over, under a starry night? We are careful to always wear dust masks, and check that our gloves are in tact. One set per year. Working or not is a working posture that sneezes pleasurably.

7 March 2023

age limitations
we find our way at each stage
“Just keep moving” I say

Mind keeps racing with bad slogans, and spicy retorts. I revert to a mild case of nail-biting anxiety. Let’s be honest, If I had known I would have done exactly the same thing. Except this time I would watch the icicle fall and spear the ghost. Then it won’t return over and over to bite me in the ass. Its haunting melody a heady tonic to the geriatrics whinging. That’ll be me one day, raising my middle finger all the way.

8 March 2023

Tourist town trappings
crowds come, clean out groceries
locals got grumble

The grumbling reaches a fever pitch, and the ears start singing ‘la la lahs’. The tune out. The check out. The outer space, out. Blood boiling toxic fumes. Is this worse than the before times, or about the same? “Can’t say”. Is that some sort of vulgar catchphrase? Exhaustion is a sign of the times. Hurry, before it is too late!

9 March 2023

Giggle upon dump
a hot streak of no waiting
clean guaranteed joy

It’s a true tiny sunshine of joy every single time we leave swiftly and efficiently. This has been said before. It may be time to shake the tree harder. Much harder. To read the sway of foreign leaves, the breath of unfamiliar soils, the sounds of peculiar particularities. The wonder is lacking wander, it feels stale and squandered. It needs more shimmy and shake shake shake. It needs more giggling under the stars, sheets, and surrender.

10 March 2023

Cleaning up the past
how many years worth of trash?
detritus to dust

The last pile of abandoned abalone shells has been deposited in pile prime. Pile prime also smells like weed killer. 90% of the mess has been cleaned up, but more messes keep appearing. The more deliberate the observation the slower you get at observing. Or cleaning as the case may be. The latest idea is to dump the fireplace ashes in the pile. The other is to crush the pile, and let nature take its course. Of course the problem is there is always another problem illuminated by careful care.

11 March 2023

Backwards jacket joy
short hair, long on saxo-tone
forces of nature

The first indoor concert in 3 years. The first indoor concert in 3 years without masks. The first indoor concert in 3 years without fear. 3 years, fourth time, 53 years in the making.

12 March 2023

Female Geo nerd
takes on volcano, loses.
jilted survivors

I made a pact with myself to abandon the bad books. Instead of both, and, because.

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Jamie Larson