Week 4-23 - Haibuno

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23 January 2023

More gelli print play
edited stills for printing
it’s colder this week

It seems bizarre when memes reach the traditional news world. They become embodied as a kind of artificial intelligence seeking to capture more and more attention from a wider audience. Like a virus. By the time they reach my eyeballs they are in a deep state of fizzling out. I’m left with more questions, how and why did they reach my eyeballs in the first place? Who put value on the menswearguy, and why? Distract distract distract, a whole lot of meme leading the blind.

24 January 2023

Favorite crackers
hiding above the nut butters
grocery scramble

Two people should not get this excited about a box of crackers. We thought they went the way of the pandemic dodo. You know the stuff that was once there, and then wasn’t. Maybe it was a kind of small town paranoia - Kroger vs. the World, and we all lose. Maybe they just weren’t as popular as our taste buds made them out to be. Maybe it was just one of those endless grocery store reshuffle moments that make you lose your mind. We abandoned all hope that they would ever be in the store again. And then… there they were a shooting star serenaded by a celestial choir! And we ate 4 boxes in 2 days (they are small). Maybe they won’t be there again next time. Who knows! At least we enjoyed them one more time. Maybe.


25 January 2023

Play along abstract
seashore substitutes blizzard
billowing morass

The ears hear what is here - outside rumbling down the pipes. It barely qualifies as an object of study. We say to each other “like everything else”. One fix in hand, the other noted for future reference. Attention is the latest Baader-Meinhof distraction to make complex connections. It’s just an allusion as juxtaposition. Tomorrow we will annotate the illusion and call it a day. Today it’s a crazy coincidence climbing up on the roof. And that. Is that.

26 January 2023

annotation addition
removes subtraction

Attention… -> there a revolution begins!

27 January 2023

Price or pace myself?
placing value is less than
joy of creating

Done and done, in. The deadlines and calls keep the creative juices flowing. Putting it all out there and not giving a damn. Haven’t had this much fun in ages, and then I hit CTRL-Q instead of CTRL-S and lose an afternoons worth of work.

28 January 2023

Waking from dreamscape
rescued by Mother Nature
jump off, fly, walk home

Does the dreaming world make good content? I mean the kind of content that you want to show your mom? Or does it seem really interesting and profound, and then you start making it and wonder why did I think this was so interesting? The dream scramble is a wondrous thing. It is deeply provocative to a party of one. Maybe two. It makes for interesting morning bedtime conversation. But does it have traction? Can it reach beyond the miasmic dreaming and touch? Maybe it needs to speak with the memeworld and find a suitable artificial intelligence to inhabit.

29 January 2023

Evening yips and howls
coyote mating season
encircling creeps

At 21:30 the dog signals her need. At approximately 21:33 they come back in with wild eyes, and “it’s just out there trotting, I can hear it on the gravel.” The dog assumes her position on the couch and her head sinks into her neck. A pack has been creeping for the past few days. They have been yipping and howling and surrounding the house. Every time the dog pees there is a yip nearby, just beyond the wall - out there! The locals are cautioning you not to leave your dog outside at night. They may be secreted away to the nearest sagebrush and violated, or worse! We don’t remember there being so many last year. Last year the season ended in the great bunny massacre. What will this year bring…? Ahoooooooooooooooooo!

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