Week 26-23 - Photos

26 June 2023: Mourning cloak butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

27 June 2023: Working on a hand drawn animation called AI vs. Human. More soon...

28 June 2023: Paper bag boys.

29 June 2023: Rainbows galore. Monsoon season hasn't hit its full stride, and may not because of El Nino, but we are still having some light afternoon showers that usually result in rainbow hour.

30 June 2023: Finally got the barns moved from the back lot, now onto reno and finishing! Lots of work ahead. One will be an art studio, one will be a movement studio.

01 July 2023: Our 3 sisters plots have turned into 2 sisters plots as the rodent battle continues. The mice ate all of our bean plants. Bummer, but hopefully we will get some good pumpkins and corn. Still waiting for the predators to arrive to check the mouse population. All the local gardeners are having similar issues.

02 July 2023: Full moon summer vibes are here.

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Jamie Larson