Week 17-23 - Curiosities

Greetings from The Mesa

We are all garden all the time. We created a fenced in 24' x 18' outdoor area where we have a bunch of different beds. So far we have raspberry bed, blackberry bed, strawberry and rhubarb bed, a goji berry mound, and a horseradish mound. Two beds are ready to plant 3 sisters - corn, beans, squash around memorial day. And, we still need to build the straw bale hot bed for peppers and chiles. Food. Incoming.
Are you planting a garden this year? What ya got cooking?

1. The oceans are warming dramatically, and nobody is quite sure of what is going to happen next.

2. ‘From all things One and from One all things’... "Two processes of quantum physics lead directly to the notion of an interconnected universe and a monistic foundation to nature overall: ‘entanglement’, nature’s way of integrating parts into a whole, and the topic of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics; and ‘decoherence’, caused by the loss of quantum information, and the reason why we experience so little quantum weirdness in our daily lives." More on Monism.

3. "What we imagine to be aesthetic preferences are really survival instincts honed by evolution." Annie Murphy Paul examines the secret to creating works that humans love.

4. Scientists are working on a common language to describe earthquake intensities. "Macroseismology involves determining the intensity of earthquake shaking on the basis of human perceptions and observed effects to structures, primarily buildings. Systematic approaches for assigning seismic intensities connect analyses of our collective seismological past with the present and the present to the future. They also provide a means of sharing and archiving assigned intensities in a reproducible form and of effectively communicating the effects of shaking to different audiences."

5. That was a lot of deep thinking. Let's do a little recalibration with this 7 minute video of otters rafting.
Thanks for reading, before you go…

More food for thought: The Dao of Using your smartphone - can rituals change our relationship with our phones?

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