Week 51-23 - Photos

18 December 2023: Been reading a lot lately. Two recents from the stacks.

19 December 2023: The great holiday season yeast rip-off. During normal times you can buy a jar of yeast. If you buy bulk you can get yeast for $6-10 / pound. But during the holidays yeast packets are the equivalent of $30-32 / pound. And they are the only option available in the grocery. Total BS

20 December 2023: Dawg and her favorite toy.

21 December 2023: Went to Santa Fe to see Macy Gray on the Solstice. Amazing performance. She and her band are enormously talented.

22 December 2023: Squidge had not been feeling well so took him to the vet on the 21st and she gave him a steroid injection. He seems to be rebounding quickly. Just a lot thinner. Keeping a close eye on the lil buddy.

23 December 2023: Exhausted. That would be our word of the year. Everyone has their own couch, and their own fleece, and there has been a lot of napping.

24 December 2023: The reading continues. Been on a post-apocalyptic type binge lately. Big shout out to the local library. It's so good for such a tiny town.

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Jamie Larson