Week 18-23 - Photos

May 1 2023: The sky drama continues. The weather has been so weird lately!

2 May 2023: First giant rainbow of the year. And it's not even monsoon season yet.

3 May 2023: Outdoor gardening continues... berries, onions, horseradish, and whatever else we can tuck into the cage.

4 May 2023: I've been playing with Bard, sometimes it goes completely off the rails.

5 May 2023: First cactus blooms of the year!

6 May 2023: Passport TN Olive in the house, this months wallet EDC. Looks more brown to me, with green undertones.

7 May 2023: Predation on the local lizards has been rough, seeing lots of half-tails around.

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Jamie Larson