Week 52-23 - Photos

Last weekly photo dump... I'll be switching over to a weekly newsletter format starting on 7 January 2024.

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25 December 2023: Chai gingerbread cookies with espresso frosting. They were awesome. Messy looking cause were too lazy to pipe them, and the frosting is freaking delicious.

26 December 2023: Miga got a new kong for the solstice, and promptly bit the top nub off of it. She got another larger one for her birthday - Happy Birthday Miga - She's 4 now.

27 December 2023: Winter sunset vibes. The colors...

28 December 2023: We fired up the grill for some burgers. It was cold but doable.

29 December 2023: Mr. Squidge has not been feeling well, but started to perk up this week. He's still skinny, but eating like a champ now and mostly back to normal.

30 December 2023: Last book of the year. A weird one, not really a style that I enjoy, but I thought the idea and execution were good.

31 December 2023: A chill NYE burning out the old, and igniting the new. Made it til midnight and then crashed at 12:05. Old farts.

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Jamie Larson