Week 44-22 - Haibuno

31 October 2022

Halloween Ham help
manning candy barricade
wandering spirits

Filing away another day reinforcing adventurous mediocrity and sublimating nouns. Climax. Pole. Glacier. Week. Bush. A level of me thinking about how I've been. I don't want to be in a rut next year. Or next week. Or next day. Or next hour. Know what is not in a rut? Tumbleweeds. They are flying everywhere. The rapid descent into winter embodied by flying death-spines. It's never as good as it seems, or as bad as it seemed. The critical twist turning its surprise so slowly you might miss it if you blink. Ok. Great. The dude pretended like I was not even there. Maybe I should just don a white sheet and yell "Boo".

1 November 2022

Physical labor
add mental stimulation
lead to joyful life

The tiny daily gratitudes slide into our afternoon walk with lounging lizards and circling ravens. The dog howls at three wanderers making the rounds up the road, fluffy tails waving. The creeper creeps because the 3 pm alarm went off. 20 degrees colder, and severe clear third day in a row. Amass these minimal observations and make some choices.

2 November 2022

Shoveling horse poop
making new beds and paths

Slack tide running. There's a Blue whale trapped in a fishing net. Humans have always been the problem. Setting up and taking it down. The free flow of positive vibes is coming to catch you off guard, and blow the critters off their half baked cannabis blues. It's a joke of course that at some point we'll ride ponies down a misshapen and oddly shaped slide. That would be scary. The odds are something greater than one, or maybe less than one, that's true for all things. Someone hallucinated Martha Stewart smoking out the shitty treatment of those who served because they had no other choice. Someone else baked a loaf of class free bread, and watched it rise into a commonwealth of compassion.

3 November 2022

A new bake today
baguettes and salmon chowder
watching storms roll in

We've lost our ability to lean into the mystery of things. Or, perhaps we've finally turned the corner of too much fear and lack of compassion. Gold dust hypnotizes. An entire city's worth of people have been laid off. The consequences are a whole lot of nothing. N'oublie pas! Holding the vibe down with twisted knobs and a youthful flow. The glow paralyzes with preciseness. Delay is not denial, ya get me? Picking the thanksgiving wine was the easy part.

4 November 2022

Puff snow in sage brush
snowballs, zoomies, and laughter
a walk along rim

The 13:23 pajama slam swirls. The dragliciousness of it all, all precision sequins and disco microbursts. The deep Earth revolution framework melting at 1500 degrees. We'll sip our lattes on the infernal tin lizzy hot mess express giving the one pinky finger salute. Salutations to visiting brats and bruins of swing. The struts wobble and wiggle to and fro, and one of our drinks is ejected into the milling milieu. Careful, the beverage your hair is about to enjoy is extremely HOT. Keep your weave clear. Pay attention. Mind the gap. The doors are closing. We are all des nuages de poussière cosmique melting.

5 November 2022

An African stew
to warm the belly and heart
love learning new food

Abracadabra … pew! You will listen to Mama! The blame game shuffle. You, no you, no you, no you, no...you! Face down in the stew seeking out greener pastures far away from complacent cynicism.

6 November 2022

Fall back for last time?
I wonder how spring will glisten
entirely new

Ticking through the to-do list on a Friday morning. Vibes are cold and snow laden over the mountains. The animals are tightly coiled, or laying in the sunshine. The sage is silvery and the prickly pear are looking unhappy about the sudden lack of water and unseasonal cold combined. The weather so far this year has been chaotic. More chaos ahead is a certainty for which the collective we is not prepared. What will be the shock that resets the system? Will it lead to hegemony or plurality? No one knows, and the question is how to get people to care.

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Jamie Larson