Week 14-23 - Curiosities

Greetings from The Mesa

At the end of week 14, and beginning of Week 15 we did a whirlwind trip to Kansas City, MO to see one of my favorite musicians perform a show for a dear old friend. Combined with a frenetic race to get the greenhouse and garden started it has thrown my whole posting schedule off. Slowly getting back on track, that's life!

Fortunately, spring is here, and we are very happy to see it! The greenhouse has been planted, a cold frame has been crafted, two raised beds of fruit started, and the rest of the garden area planned for memorial day go! The wind breaks can't come soon enough! Will be very happy to have fresh veg again soon.

What are you up to this spring?

1. Are we in a recession yet?  Everyone I talk to seems to think we are already deeply in it, but the metrics say... maybe soon? I feel like we're already pulling back on spending a tiny bit.

2. Fifty-four percent of young Americans would become an influencer if given the chance. Barf. Also, How the great recession paved the way for influencers to inherit the earth. That influencing has become a survival mechanism is sad. (not that I think the corpo world, or the hustle is any better)

3. Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink, one lake is back with a vengeance in CA and the consequences are not pretty. Meanwhile the Great Salt Lake might have staved off disaster (for now)

4. A playbook for queer aging? There isn't one. The author of this article needs to start reading Oldster.

5. Why is anyone still on/using Twitter? Err, I mean X Corp. "What would an “X” app look like? Based on Musk’s inclinations as of late, it would be a heavily monetized, closed environment where users are expected to stay engaged at all times." No thanks.
Thanks for reading, before you go…

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