Week 09-24 - Curiosities

Squidge: Gotcha day 4/28/2014 - 3/1/2024

Greetings from the Mesa

We had to say farewell to our beloved Squidgey Biscuit last Friday. It's been a rough week. We are all heartbroken.

Curiosities of the Week

F.T.C. Sues to Block Kroger-Albertsons Grocery Store Deal (NYT) The best news I've heard all week. It is total BS when they say this merger will save consumers money.

Tom Gauld on the journey to a magma chamber (New Scientist)

Companies marketing useless health products to women using feminist wellbeing messages (The Guardian) Researchers find promotions encouraging women to take charge of their health could lead to over diagnosis and unnecessary treatment. The "wellbeing" movement is full of horse shit.

A librarian in Massachusetts is hiding burner phones in books to help victims of domestic violence (CNN) Shero. Awesome.

Followup to the Hugo Award Nonsense... Some Authors Were Left Out of Awards Held in China. Leaked Emails Show Why. (NYT) "It’s unclear if the awards’ administrators were acting under pressure or were pre-emptively seeking to avoid controversy. Lacey said that she was not aware of overt directives from Chinese officials, but added that McCarty had mentioned getting guidance from Chinese counterparts."


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Jamie Larson