Week 34-22 - Haibuno

22 August 2022

Sticking to schedule
pulling words out of my brain
cement snag persist

Resonant frequencies are humming serenades to the “awareness of awareness” from which our creative restlessness springs. Losing sleep over losing creativity. The awareness of space and place lost to the oddities of house projects. Exhausted by homogenous solutions. Exhausted by anger. Exhausted by superficiality and a lack of criminal prosecution. Finding peace by swaying gently in a liminal space slightly above ground level. Reality reality is terrible. It is virtually indistinct, no one can escape facts forever. Maybe i'll just go read a paywall blocked half article that reveals absolutely nothing just for shits and giggles.

23 August 2022

Rewatching old friends
inspiring and colorful
magical stories

The great migration is in sync with the great pollening. One brings joyous rapture along side aggressive posturing. The other brings the white noise of a HEPA filter and good sleep. We await the arrival of winter, and snowball filled reverie. Why does every headline feel like a surrealist joke these days. We've lost our grip on making revisions to our approximate truths. It achieves novel predictions where the current theory is distinct from the prevailing pre-existing experimental experiential test results, if it doesn't supersede the failed approximations. We have collectively lost our confidence in one way or another.

24 August 2022

Supporting artists
who live and breathe their nerddom
brings me so much joy

Do you take for granted that in mere seconds you can have the definition of sesquipedalian, and then realize that it's just a fancy word for 'long-winded'? That was a thirst trap. Sometimes I wake up and think that my last dream would make the best sci-fi movie/book ever made. Two hours later its forgotten while drinking coffee in the sunshine watching hummers chase off every bird in the hood. Do I actually live in a "hood" any more? One argues that we are all bored these days - to me that spells a distinct lack of topophilia. ARR!(!!!) I'm a bidie-in who has awfulized in chipmunky fashion the contactless onboarding of sadfishing rat tamers.  Have you unfathomed the tomatillo yet?

25 August 2022

'sick of cooking' day
time to order Chinese food
gimme dry and hot

Would you prefer: to hurt your brain thinking, to take a walk, to stumble into strangers, to move with alacrity, to tumble in the weeds, to chat with a mockingbird, to run as slowly as possible, to make love to a sunflower, to breathe in with the beating of a hummingbirds wings, to slow dance to crickets, to bake under a new moon, to direct one million emails into the spam folder, to ignore the rumbling of a ruminants bellies, to find a runaway child, to demand planning for future catastrophes, to swim with the tide, to finally address the root problem, to criticize with abandon, to pedal a century in time, to contemplate the potential gains, to not use the edit feature, to fall from grace, to feel what its like to be a tree falling at the end of its life, to fail to appear, to suggest one last dance...

26 August 2022

Urgency of broke
finding fixers difficult
up against deadlines

Making attorneys get attorneys. The spiel of a deranged plaque bearing the image of an orange toupee without a head. The convolutions of cranial capacity undermining itself. Sometimes we are exhausted, and nothing else. Could the ocean contain alien technology - or is it all around us hidden in plain sight? What are the characteristics that imply that an object is technological? Assuming the object in question survived. Making sweeping measures without sweeping under the rug the issues of a system that cannot maintain itself in at present. What to watch out for... unreliable interdependence.

27 August 2022

First time Bolognese
a bounty of tomatoes
from first year greenhouse

We are still finding things the pandemic erased right under our noses. We were too busy binge streaming a heavy distraction. Somewhere we've set aside our ability to be entertained. The image of a video of an apartment building where the windows echo the lights of the same show being watched. Repeated. Each window a staccato of flashing... mass hypnosis. Les somnambules.

28 August 2022

Hummers all day long
poking way through sunflowers
10 pounds of sugar

The desert has turned green and 100 shades of yellow. The world on the move in wonder. Peaceful delight taking a moment to spread its wings.

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Jamie Larson