Week 37-22 - Haibuno

12 September 2022

Collecting wild seed
for next years courtyard garden
fun exploration

Trying to make sense of nonsense in the mind before sleep when everything is slowly drifting elsewhere. Our friends are migrating south for winter and quiet slowly envelopes us. Swan songs serenade a world roiling in turmoil. Afternoon thunderstorms have gone straight to chance. Roll the dice. 6-6-1. You can never be too cynical facing sociopaths. 'I' 'i' 'I'. Laughing all the way to horizontal at the sheer inanity of it all.

13 September 2022

The smiles of good bakes
soft spongy, dry crumbly
just enough drama

Everything is tempered by the big question, where do we go from here? We can't save us from ourselves. We can't wait for something else to save us either. Is it possible that humanity is insoluble? Hope turns to pessimism direly unwanted. Even the laugh lines are smoothing. Something is oscillating deep inside - persistence - is futile? I am resistant to surrender to divisiveness. Only the lonely can play asemic symbol matching. I will write in my future, 1+1 = nope. And someone will answer 'that's not right.' And it will turn out that it was, and that it was insolvable all along, or was that insoluble?

14 September 2022

Thunder reappears
to stymie afternoon plans
turn to yeasty fun

In tune and twirling. Pointing at stars shining in her imagination. A soft murmur and a slow wave pointing to shore. It's alive. It's breathing. A fantastic up and down motion. The symbol smashes cylical reverberations through sonorous scratchy eardrums. IN. OUT. In. Out. in. out. i.o.u. that couldn't be saved.

15 September 2022

Nit picky renters
cause us some consternation
still renting despite

When excitement overtakes the boundaries of what seems healthy and upright you have to wonder at the alternatives. The temple of frozen solid. The anticline of nightmares. Surrender to primacy locked in competition with greater and greater. Urgency of limits, but always interested in the next best thing. Did you linger to notice the now? If she'd let me beat out the drum line all would be well. Expressive trees and barking dogs vibrating together in a syncopated whole. Unattentive instinct and abstinance bobbing in rhythm - distracted. Talking to yourself is always an option. It's ok. We all do it. That entertaining inner dialogue is never wrong. Toe biters still cling to their predatory ways. The fluffle introduces the mind to mysterious kers. That's just wistful thinking. Stagnation, boredom, tiredness, no closer and no clever diving in.

16 September 2022

Publish twice weekly
push it to three, short stories
persistence is key

My fingers lay gently on the top of the water. Trees sway overhead whispering. The hands tremble in the chill, and dive into the water. Slipping, surrendering, taking shape to the beat and breath of the world. We walk under the stars in tune with the wind. Our unyielding skin part of the whole integrated and alive with wonder. I rest my hands at the interface, off the beaten track but all the same. It both believes in me and does not.

17 September 2022

Seeking connection
interactive joyfulness
dodging others breath

He was assigned the role of assassin, but had never killed a soul and was having serious doubts. They sent him out into the desert of his homeland to seek his truth. He found his 'God' sitting on a dune - a glowing fat critter with large pointy teeth and a gruesome smile. His 'God' gave him 3 tasks - 'go love 2 things, and gain justice for 1 thing to make your assignment valid'. He accepted these tasks. 'God' went back to squatting on her dune, elbow firmly planted on her knee squinting over the sands.

The assassins pyramid entrance was a sea of chaos as hundreds of thousands gathered for their assignments. Ready and not ready simultaneously. He became one of a milieu that never had the tools necessary to complete their jobs, and yet get done they did.

18 September 2022

Seeking brief elsewhere
a swan song to summer vibes
hinting to fall chill

Anxiety swerves and ripples. You noticed and noted. Ignored it and then a whole new suite of issues arose. This works wonderfully. It's full of vim and vinegar. Rolly polly style. A masterpiece of misperceptions. There is not one thing you can't do, if you put your mind to it. Step forward. Push out. Surprise the righteous at the next misbeholden sunset. Wanting something different, and pushing boundaries to get it. Roll out of bed each morning knowing you did it. Put things right, and progress forward. Stop fucking worrying.

  • footnotes of a self-help book

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