Week 12-23 - Haibuno

20 March 2023

Spring Equinox start
where is the sunshine hiding?
behind, snow rainbow

Warm temperatures set the spring time wheels in motion, only to be derailed the very next day by insufferable winds. The spring winds that bring on the battle in step and flight. I want hot dogs smothered in red chile to pair with my tumbleweed terror. The flying puffs of death are making their spring time march to oblivion. Caution: objects in flight may appear obliging, but even the horse across the road knows its boundaries. Tis the season of wind invasion, cover your necks, hide in soundproof mud rooms, and tether down deeply.

21 March 2023

Pow pow goodness pain
glute, hamstring, adductor, tight
cramps throughout the night

It was just the right thickness to make the carving more difficult. I push through the weakness of the non-dominant leg. Spare me the “pain, is weakness leaving the body”. She says “you have swagger”. I say my ass hurts, that’s all. She says “Foxy”. My leg laughs out loud. She will show me a cartoon later, just before the heating pads get turned on. It won’t be enough to loosen the tightness in my hamstrings, but it will pluck it a bit to soften it ever so slightly. And then, sometime in the middle of the night when it has forgotten the praise it will squeeze me awake into overthinking about rain catchment cisterns.

22 March 2023

Crappy internet
windy A. F., a meet nope
dream to bike is GO

The lights keep flickering, and the weeds are whipped into a frenzy. March is the month for losing track of things. They go off into the hinterlands without a compass, and don’t return until they are whisked back in by the winds of April. There is some past trauma in there, but what it is exactly remains a mystery. What’s more provocative than fake sincerity? Fake crusades for fake men whisked away by fake jet-setting.

23 March 2023

Hauling thirty bags
of poop, the truck feels squirrely
still having Dump luck

How many times in a row is that? 5, 6, more? Celebrating small things, those random stabs of extreme interestingness.

24 March 2023

Ideas germinate
reincarnate, interact,
compost, and replant

About to put another about average month with glimpses of awesome on the horizon to rest. The tumbleweeds flying, bounding, tumbling across the sage-scape make us laugh with easy amusement. Unbounded creativity and excitement make the slow bits flow more swiftly. The winter pause is unwinding at glacial pace. Another item ticked off the list. 5 down, 20 more to go.

25 March 2023

Pizza enterprise
speculate future flavors
advance refinement

Test. Refine. Test. Refine. Cycling through bakes, and combinations, and full bellies parked on the couch. When we finish one, we look for inspiration for the next, our only limitation is what is readily available. Constantly seeking a broadening. Some things never change. Dreams turn into ideas turn into things. Finding the things that bring the most joy. Finding the things that find you doing the unlikeliest things.

26 March 2023

Applesauce, blender,
no creepers, pistachio
baked goods, belly bliss

It’s a six bake month. Have to learn what you cannot obtain easily. Have to have all the fixings ready at a moments notice. The mood may strike at any time. Unaware. KaBAM! I must make a croissant. I’ve never made a croissant. I’ll make one tomorrow. No, maybe next week. Today I’ll make biscotti because I’m lazy, and there are no slivered almonds. Conundrums of constantly sourcing. I will learn terms like autolyze and poolish or biga or pate fermentee. I will contemplate keeping a natural levain. I will water the plants now, it’s almost sunset and my peepers are fading.

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Jamie Larson