Week 46-23 - Photos

13 November 2023: Temperatures dropping, everyone is getting cozy in the blankets.

14 November 2023: Like every day.

15 November 2023: They are trying to build a Starbuck$ in town. Someone/s don't like it. They've burnt the build in progress down twice now. They really meant business this time. Stupid.

16 November 2023: Spray bottle + putty knife = fixing all the cracks and dings in the adobe walls. Mud >>> drywall.

17 November 2023: La Dame Blanche at Tumbleroot. Joy!

18 November 2023: Finally some moisture. El Nino is right around the corner... hopefully some snow and more moisture. It's been so freaking dry.

19 November 2023: "Say not 'This is the truth' but 'So it seems to me to be as I now see the things I think I see.'" Inscription above German Naval Officers School in Kiel. Found in the Annals of a Former World by John Mcphee.

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Jamie Larson