Week 14-24 - Curiosities

Winter's last huzzah!?

Greetings from the Mesa

Winter is lingering. Moods are improving. We've soaked and binge watched TV and built more shed stairs. Garlic, rhubarb, and horseradish are coming up in the garden. Inside we have onion starts and trays of fresh sprouts to eat under a grow light. The strategizing for spring/summer is in full force. Tongy has mostly stopped crying at night and has become an almost full time lap cat. And we continue waiting...

Curiosities of the Week

  1. Reasons to Create for No Reason (Martha Beck). I've been painting with watercolors, just mark making really with no goal or desired outcome, and it's so much fun. More play please...
  2. Climate models can’t explain 2023’s huge heat anomaly — we could be in uncharted territory (Nature). If this doesn't scare you a little you are not paying attention.
  3. I peer into volcanoes to see when they’ll blow (Nature).
  4. Color Blindness Simulator (Coblis).
  5. We Need to Talk About Trader Joe’s (Taste). "Behind the bubbly cashiers in Hawaiian shirts, craveable snacks, and bargain-basement prices are questionable business practices that have many food brands crying foul at the company’s blatant and aggressive copycat culture." Gross. The last time we shopped at a TJs everything we got was stale. We have never been back.


TV/Movies: We've been watching a ridiculous amount of TV. 3 Body Problem, Shogun, The Regime, finished both seasons of The Tourist, now moving onto Mary and George. Also enjoyed the movies El Conde, The Abyss, Poor Things and Anatomy of a Fall (Sandra Hüller was robbed of the Oscar IMHO). Oh and finally saw Dune 1, David Lynch's adaptation is still my fave.

Music: Balkan Paradise Orchestra Like March Fourth Marching band, but from Barcelona and made up entirely of women musicians. They are dope.

Also Yasmin Williams has some words about the new Beyoncé album... I don't disagree... "It’s unfortunate: the album would have benefited from de-centring its superstar and letting the experts she trusted to join her in creating the album to shine brighter. As it stands, it feels as though Beyoncé has put the Carter before the horse."

Thinking about: There's been a lot of bubbling about "Friendship Recession". Mmmmkay.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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Jamie Larson