10950 - Animation

10,950 (2012-)

Jack London says “You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” 10,950 follows the paradigm that to have success in any field you must practice a specific task for around 10,000 hours. I will be drawing 30 – 3″ x 2″ pictures a day, clubbing the basics of motion into something that is hopefully both beautiful and inspirational. 10,950 is a journey as destination into the mysterious now.

Part I

Part II


Film: Kiri Hargie
Music: Jake Anderson
Production Assistance: Rebecca Schraffenberger


JULY 2014 Free, Twee, Mean and Evergreen
10,950 Part 1 Animated Film
Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian Theatre,
Los Angeles, CA

APRIL 2014 Everyone's a Little Queer
10,950 Part 2 Animated Film
Videofag, Toronto, ON Canada

NOV 2013 Gaze #6: Luminous Impulse
10,950 Part 2 Animated Film
Artists' Television Access San Francisco, CA

SEPT 2013 Repressed Cinema Local Animation
10,950 Part 2 Animated Film
Hollywood Theater, Portland, OR

NOV 2012 Portland Stew
10, 950 Part 2 Animated Film
Grand Detour @ BoomBap, Portland, OR

MAY 2012 Portland Experimental Film Festival
10,950 Part 1 Animated Film
Studio Two, Portland, OR

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Jamie Larson