Week 38-23 - Photos

18 September 2023: Wilson's Warbler hitting the sunflowers hard. It's birdpalooza around here right now.

19 September 2023: Gotta love those fall sunsets.

20 September 2023: Picked up our first batch of windbreak shrubs - Serviceberry - from the NM Forestry seedling program. We spent a couple hours potting them up for overwintering in the greenhouse.

21 September 2023: Weather has turned colder and Squidge is a heat seeking missile.

22 September 2023: Tarantula mating season has officially begun. This female has a burrow in our back garden. She's come out to start accepting suitors.

23 September 2023: The male suitors are on the move making a bee-line for the resident female.

24 September 2023: We counted six males, don't know how many more she received, but I think she may have mated already... bebe's incoming?

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Jamie Larson