Week 31-22 - Haibuno

  1. August 2022

Black clouds to the West
signal cooler and wetter
a welcome reprieve

Creativity wavers between capturing and synthesizing. A horn blows on the horizon and a lightning bolt fires from the sky. It is no finger from God instead a magnificent physicality. Virga to rain. Ashes to dust. Dust to dirty fingernails. Biting. The golden hour is a life force with one narcissistic voice that thunders 'look at me'. Stare.

2 August 2022

10000 feet hike
amanita horny toad
cool breezes and peace

The red blazes from beneath the tree. There are a few colors you rarely see in nature. When you do unexpectedly, they shimmer. Their appearance is a tiny moment of magic. Like hearing an owl hoot in the middle of the night. Ensorcelled, terrified, becalmed. This is no narcotized somnolence. This is walking in the waking dream.

3 August 2022

exerting themselves for food
survival instinct

Our friends are out and about sitting atop telephone poles in pairs whispering. 'I am a Raven not a Crow'. This is not a semantics lesson. There is a slight pressure in my right ear. I am not in flight. I neither descending or ascending. I am sparse in scar city, traveling backroads yielding to my seatbelt and a full bladder. The songs the cracks sing vie with sonorous sunflowers dancing in summer winds.

4 August 2022

Live music again
intoxicated excess
genius invokes light

Since when did we become the intoxicated oblivious? We stand amongst a crowd again and wonder where everyone has gone. Maybe it wouldn't be so noticable except in contrast to the four before us intense and unwavering. Can you still experience experiences without being whole and conscious? Or is there some liminal space i'm not attuned to?

5 August 2022

Shade cloth on greenhouse
step by step seeks optimal
wood stack improvement

Every day there is a new problem solving technique. My brain feels atrophied elsewise. Problem created, problem solved, repeat ad nauseum. The tiny hit of success quells the feelings of insufficiency, but only momentarily. I will stutter through tomorrow.

6 August 2022

Ball bungee eyebolts
tying down against onslaught
how long will it last?

Self on the verge of humanity. Humanity recorded in perceived mini-successes by some and failures by others. An ambiguous point of view is not warrented or wanted. Left or Right - choose your side and be forever branded. Nebulous is left to fairytales, rainbows, and partially clouded moonlight.

7 August 2022

Take the shape of cloud
texture of man in the moon

The incredible power of spontaneous confabulation. 5 syllables to archaic.

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Jamie Larson