Week 9-23 - Photos

27 February 2023: #10 morning laps - 164,172' vert for season

28 February 2023: Apricot and ginger scones, big hit. Getting pretty good at coming up with some awesome scone combos.

  1. March 2023: Lubia Polo, a favorite Persian rice dish. It's so amazingly flavorful!

2 March 2023: We are fully in the freeze/thaw cycle of spring. 3 inches of snow in the morning, sublimates completely by the afternoon. Mud season has arrived.

3 March 2023: Paper packing material and cardboard boxes = cat heaven.

4 March 2023: Mud season and spring break season herald balloon season.

5 March 2023: KP roasting up the last of the green coffee beans. Gotta sniff the fresh roast.

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Jamie Larson