Week 46-22 - Haibuno

14 November 2022

A snow globe morning
in mourning, reminiscing
brewing tea leaf tears

They are burgeoning toilet paper artists, masters of shredding away their afternoons in harmonious pleasure. Their antics documented for the Internet despite their lack of social ability. Adapt or die. It is far too cold to go without a hot mug in hand. A mild agoraphobia combats with a serious case of wanderlust. Unsettled. There's a piece of toilet paper stuck to my life (I meant to say thumb). Careless slip of the subconscious. I can't seem to warm up, maybe it's staring out at crusty snow outside my window. Or maybe it's a sudden case of the doldrums lowering the internal temperatures to match the serious slowness.

15 November 2022

Melting flood waters
raging against the machine
gonna make it right

The sedulous orange clown won't go the way of the Dodo no matter how hard we try to 'make it so'. Bouncing from one nonsensical to another locked in a tiny room for four hours together as 'One', peculiar piacular. The narcissist's reverie, something akin to the sideshow banner of the GIANT RAT. It looms with a menacing stare. Shhh... "whisper what you're really thinking across the room so the phone doesn't hear." Otherwise next thing you'll know you'll be doom-scrolling though anxiety medication ads and wondering why they keep serving you Tushy formication. The irony is that both sides lost, are losing, and may never seduce us back from our social media mass hallucination.

16 November 2022

You've got to shake shake!
hagiography no fear
no paradise here

Here come the black Friday and '24 hour fast giving' email solicitations - right on time. Didn't I unsubscribe from them last year? Buy, buy, buy buy buy, buy... You will never escape the algorithm, the database, the big hairy 0's and 1's. Snippets of memories keep derailing my train of thoughts. A hundred different memories of things that happened on cruise ships. They don't tell you about drink packages, tipping, paranoia inducing cleaning crews, or the creepy old dudes that stare at you at the disco over their cocktail umbrella. Just thinking about it all makes my stomach gurgle, like tummy gurgling after sampling the midnight buffet for 3 nights in a row. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. There's no place to hide on a cruise ship. All of It is overly dressed widow waste. Maybe you'll catch me over there, tapping my foot to cheesy slow jazz.

17 November 2022

Distracted, gutted,
cold supererogation,
false imputation

Four things for 30 days. There's been some slight bending of the 'rules'. (I fervently say 'rules are for losers', and promptly follow them). Detrimental. The bending solidifies that it is not about the four things, it is about mindfulness. I'm mindful that some days i'm just too exhausted to care, I 'need to', or I simply forget. I want the damn fortune now, not three weeks from now. "Art is the accomplice of love", Doing the 'right' should not astound anyone. Bending > Rigid. 17 days of success. Mindfulness is not intuition, the latest buzz-craze - call I sell you on some "Intuitive Canoodling"? Six lessons for the low low price...

18 November 2022

Overdue outside
braving Friday grocery
rather be cozy

Ice fog descends and our fingers are frozen to our toes. I collect those who stand out in some way. These are people that live in wild clouds that slither over the tops of mountains. At 17:14 we will think about finding ways that imperfect humans might secure a future beyond what is directly in front of them. It will be our way of acquiring a new set of eyes. Affecting change. We will be free of our past, our personal choices, the uncomfortable histories we inherit, and the ways we are tied to each other through invisible strands. We will party in the speakeasy of our struggling freak show ghost town. And laugh... And laugh... And laugh.

19 November 2022

It’s been a long time
feels good to be back on screen
creating wildly

This piece of paper has a blank stare that is giving me the heebie-jeebies.

20 November 2022

sick of administration
more time to putter

Slogging through the detritus trying to make things fit into the modern midlife era. Technology isn’t fun anymore - it’s just tedious. Trying to make the tedium dissipate but only making more work. Once then done, hopefully. This change is more than 17 years overdue. Maybe we’ll just crawl in the dog kennel with the cats and snore all afternoon.

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Jamie Larson