Week 11-23 - Curiosities

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  1. The art/importance of having a Practice. Two of my longest practices are keeping a journal of some form (currently on book #116 - mostly regularly since 1986), and having a web presence in some form or another (since 1997).
  2. What films should we teach. Also, the Open Syllabus Movie Lab. So few women directors... sigh.
    A few of my favorites: 8 1/2, Juliet of the Spirits, The Big Blue, The Fifth Element, Blue/Red/White, The Triplettes of Bellville, Spirited Away, Beauty and the Beast, Children of Heaven, The Decalogue, Children of Paradise, Blade Runner...
    What are some of your favorites?  
  3. from the Ann Friedman Weekly, which is definitely a newly discovered random stab for me...
"I’m not going to spend what’s left of my life hanging round waiting for it. I’m going to settle for small, random stabs of extreme interestingness – moments of intense awareness of the things I’m about to lose, and of gladness that they exist."

Helen Garner on Happiness.

This resonates with me deeply. It's kind of my main modus. Happiness comes in the tiniest packages imaginable, but you have to be open to them (in whatever way that means to you).

4. Do you have the creative mindset? "a high need for certainty with a low need for competence." read more at the Science of Creativity (another new stab). I cannot even count how many new things I have needed to learn in the last two years (mostly from Youtube videos), and accomplished successfully, with extremely low competence. Does that mean I have a creative mindset. I dunno. But I have to use creativity often so maybe, yes.

5. We've had an overwintering canyon towhee pair (one above), but we are seeing our summer regulars start to return - Says Phoebe, Mountain Bluebirds, mockingbirds, and others. Spring is trying hard to spring, but like elsewhere in the West, we are locked in Winter. Hopefully that will be shifting this week, we only have 3 pieces of firewood left! :) Is spring coming in hot where you are, or are you lingering in the doldrums of winter as well?

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