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Week 4-23 - Haibuno

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Doing some TV watching this week of Poker Face, and The Last of Us. Love me some quality mystery and post-apocalyptic. They are both well acted and have good writing. It seems I’m not alone in praising these two shows.

Poker Face Reviews:



The Last of Us Reviews:




Fingersmith by Sarah Waters. It’s not often that books surprise me, but this one did over and over again in the best possible way. I couldn’t put it down.

From the Mouth of the Whale - by Sjón. I can’t decide if I love this book, or find it simply infuriating. There are moments of both. There are no doubts that it reads like a fever dream at times, and I enjoy his wordplay.

5 Links

  1. Get outside, and walk! Every day. This is related to last weeks curiosity post regarding the question would you like to live forever in an 18 year old body?

2. You don’t have to be complicit in our culture of destruction. “One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds.” (Aldo Leopold) “I like to say that there are multiple ways of knowing, and we could benefit by engaging more of them… We fail to act [on climate change] because we haven’t incorporated values and knowledge together.” “This beautiful gift of attention that we human beings have is being hijacked to pay attention to products and someone else’s political agenda. Whereas if we can reclaim our attention and pay attention to things that really matter, there a revolution starts.” (Robin Wall Kimmerer)

3. Every rock hound needs one - an alphabet made entirely of found stones… https://mossandfog.com/beautiful-collected-stone-alphabet/ This is no easy feat, I admire the dedication.

4. It’s my guilty pleasure: https://mcmansionhell.com/

This is the most expensive property I have found in Taos County. Parts of it are actually pretty cool - What do you think, does it qualify as mcmansionhell?

5. When I finally get to the bottom of my bedside to read pile: The 2022 Locus recommended reading list.

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