Week 05-24 - Curiosities

Greetings from the Mesa

Winter has returned. The atmospheric rivers hitting the west coast are sending the moisture goods our way. Thankfully none of the snow is sticking (so far!). This week did not go as planned when an intense round of pain in the form of hamstring cramping took over mid-week. It is subsiding, and it's time to get back to work dealing with "The Man". Now that I can actually sit for longer than 30s. Pain is exhausting. Here's hoping for a more productive and pain-free week ahead!

Curiosities of the Week

The $10 trillion benefits of overhauling our food system (The Verge) Big Ag is bad for the environment. Grow your own food! Square foot gardening is easy and doesn't require much space. If you want to cut back on meat, start with one veggie meal per week.

It's almost impossible for first-time buyers to afford a home, top analyst says (Business Insider) I think people need to start thinking about alternative ways of living like these folks did (NY Times) (granted they had a ridiculous budget - that's the NYT for ya). In other news...Most young U.S. adults are financially dependent on their parents (CBS).

Passion, curiosity and perseverance: my mission to capture women in science on camera. (Nature) Genetics researcher Elisabetta Citterio explains why she felt compelled to photograph 57 women who work in STEM fields. "In the life sciences, for example, women receive more than 50% of PhDs awarded, but hold only about 30% of tenured faculty positions. So, my wish was to give visibility and voice to the excellent women from diverse backgrounds who are making a contribution to the advancement of science and society."

Drawn From Life. (Smithsonian Mag) Artist Janice Lowry’s illustrated diaries record her history—and ours. I love this. I wish more people would share their journals/art journals/ etc. there is so much interesting history embedded within...

From Disney+ to PB+J, How the Plus Sign Took Over the World (Time)
more, better, premium? Does adding a + sign to a brand or store name really add something?


TV/Movies: The Curse We are only two episodes in, and I already hate everyone on the show. The characters are horrible people. Living in NM just up the road from Española we had to take a chance and check it out. I'm not sure how many more episodes we will watch. I know I don't enjoy cringe tv, but I keep hearing about these intriguing shows... That said the acting is phenomenal.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!

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Jamie Larson