Week 52-22 - Haibuno

26 December 2022

When playing catchup
the writing is never as good
as in the moment

Stale, suffocated, sterile, suspended, stepped, suspicious, saline, surprised, silly, suspenseful. Shallow.

27 December 2022

Made two test movies
Projected on the big screen
Dazzle with color

Fickle brain. Fetid stench. Fabulous mission. Behind, but not too behind, but can’t get any further; anything past the point of no return is a dead-end.

28 December 2022

More experiments
syllables soothe the eyeballs
reflect natural

Friend or foe, I’ll capture it.

29 December 2022

Last dump run of year
in and out in less than ten
happy holidays

When it’s in and out in a flash it’s just so damn satisfying!

30 December 2022

The acres behind
mountains brace the ones up front
we are in-between

The fresh breeze blows across my cheek with the most bone-chilling cold yet. Snow still hiding in the shade of sage. Ice blobs growing under leaking gutters. You can read bunny tracks like tea leaves. The sound of a propeller on a portapotty whistling in the winter wind. Colors. Spectacle. Haze. Alternating picking crusties and blowing snot while dodging falling icicles. Daggers of doom sneak past the sno-gards and wait patiently for the unsuspecting. One careless slip…

31 December 2022

Submitted offer
now the anxiety brews
countered or accepted

Always rearranging, changing, growing in unexpected ways, and suddenly. Watched, waited, wilted. And then sprung into life again - resurrected. Más Allá!

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Jamie Larson