Week 50-22 - Haibuno

12 December 2022

woman navigates every
damned does or doesn’t

Maybe it is a ‘dead week’ mental block. Maybe it is too much treat, and not enough vegetable. Maybe it is exhaustion or a lack of imagination. Maybe it is just the way it is, and there isn’t anything else to say about it. Maybe it’s paying attention to the overarching themes. Maybe the maybes are the mode du jour. Maybe I’m too worried or distracted. Maybe I’m damned if I do, or damned if I don’t. Maybe is a certainty that everyone navigates, maybe.

13 December 2022

instinct, determination
snow day renewal

The days of light have reverted to dismal. An unexpectedly delightful pause. To catchup, to daydream, to play, to experiment. The year is drawing to a close, the wars are not. Their rage spills over and erupts. Test flights of fancy. I’m walking the land, taking note of past transgressions, and celebrating small victories. Instinct, determination, renewal, repeat…

14 December 2022

Trying to save plants
experimental cloning
pause for new haircut

Stuck, socked in, and grasping for words.

15 December 2022

Six at start
joy as new terrain opens
Christmas horde is here

Excitement and anticipation build to a fever as I lie awake fidgeting. The things we do to maintain our space coursing through on endless repeat.

16 December 2022

Attempt to install
knowing when to call for help
pizza night yum yum

A little anticipatory excitement goes a long way. Watching every form of snow fall in one hour, with the buzz of fresh coffee pumping through sluggish systems. A certain fluff has settled.

17 December 2022

Project happiness
but always feeling behind
frustration and hope

The Underworld is calling. The leafless tree limbs tremble. Gravel shifts and shivers. The footprints left in snow tell the story of heartbreak and malaise.

18 December 2022

Thirty fifth book read
finding new views on Rim hike
wet feet ends 4 miles

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