Week 24-23 - Photos

12 June 2023: Our workshop/storage container arrived, so we are clearing out the studio. I can see the floor again. Excited to get in here again. It's been our garage since we moved.

13 June 2023: Mourning Cloak chrysalis. Amazingly beautiful.

14 June 2023: Hammockville is officially open for summer 2023! Everyone loves the deck!

15 June 2023: Our pinon trees are loaded with pollen cones this year. They are practically yellow with cones.

16 June 2023: Working on a new animated short that pits AI versus Human.

17 June 2023: Dutch baby weekend breakfasts. It always seems so decadent, but they are so easy to make. We topped these with peaches and pecans.

18 June 2023: At an end of the season plant sale in 2021 at Lowes we picked up two prickly pear cacti for $5 each. This year one of the plants finally bloomed. The flowers only last one day, and are spectacular!

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Jamie Larson