Week 12-23 - Curiosities

Greetings from The Mesa

I received a newsletter from an artist I follow this week, and I loved the format, so I'm trying something new this week. I have a few more ideas for tweaks ahead in future newsletters.

That being said, we are seeing some signs that spring might be just around the corner. Finally! It's a good thing because we have 4 pieces of firewood left. While things are moving forward, projects are taking so long that it feels like we're in a perpetual stasis. Anyone else feeling a distinct lack of a regular rhythm? It's like a hangover that never ends...

1. Dollar stores are evil, and how to stop them from invading your community. Even Donald Rumsfeld had to speak up against the Dollar store invasion of Taos.

2. I am really digging the art of Hannah March Sanders. It is no BS and wonderfully expressive.

3. Have you ever thought about the detailed physics behind riding a bicycle? Or do you just ride? Bartosz Ciechanowski has and it's a fun and interactive deep dive.

4. Are we in the age of average? Alex Murrell takes us on a visual journey of sameness. How do we combat this: "Our visual culture is flatlining and the only cure is creativity." How are you going to zag, to introduce some originality into your day today?

5. Aubrey Hirsch pens an excellent graphic short about women and aging. Guess i'm not the only one sick of the ageism/sexism combo. 
Thanks for reading, before you go…

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I'm finding a lot of interesting reads on The Browser, check it out!

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Jamie Larson