Week 51-22 - Haibuno

19 December 2022

Baking palooza
begins with a coffee cake
and new art supplies

It’s barely begun, and already fully exhausted and ready to crawl back in the hole of holiday doldrums. Unable to come to consensus and finding ourselves at the mercy of over zealous incompetence. Thanks for the memories stable Democracy that never was. We’ve been off the train for far too long. There is no modern station to plug into ahead.

20 December 2022

We are filled with rage
lost in time lost in ourselves
lost in time alone

Wherein we explore a balance of spontaneity and structure.

21 December 2022

Solstice adventure
sunrise over Bandelier
overlook wonder

When and where did we go astray? Losing our connection with nature, and others and ourselves. We have arrived at a point where we pay others to help activate our intuition. There is no authentic intuitive left. It’s been flushed down the heated toilet, and sprayed away with a wand of when it’s all gone it’s gone. Will you grieve?

22 December 2022

Ski daydream
another day on mountain
woo-hoo, swear words, swoosh

Something serious this way comes.

23 December 2022

Add twenty inches
to be completed in Jan
eager for snuggly

Take careful note prior to, and post execution. They will pay less after the suspense. They barreled away with seat belts off and hail mary’s issuing passionately. Woven into the tapestry of self is the dream of the drapery of selfless.

24 December 2022

Solarium lounge
try to keep lights shining bright
always miss fireballs

Move forwardly. Itchy indistinct. A sudden pressure to suddenly swerve is met by a resistance timed to detonate precisely. You’ll make it two, maybe three weeks, and then B.O.O.M. Done.

25 December 2022

Clear broth is ching tang
struggle to hit the third tone
fish balls expanding

... and then expelled.

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Jamie Larson