Week 32-23 - Photos

7 August 2023: We finally put in a gate to the back 10 so we can start making a walking path.

8 August 2023: Heat dome belly vibes. He's finally getting used to the shave.

9 August 2023: Moved the garden shed with the truck. It was a fiasco, but we did it.

10 August 2023: Enjoying some hammock time in-between physical labor. The burn out is real.

11 August 2023: Rocky Mountain bee plant blooming. The hummingbirds love them.

12 August 2023: Even the cottontails are sick of the heat.

13 August 2023: The next project: building a firewood enclosure so we can stop using the pallet/janky tarp combo and replace it with a more permanent structure.

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Jamie Larson