Week 19-23 - Curiosities

Greetings from The Mesa

It's been a gimpy past couple of weeks with some irritating and immobilizing bilateral ITBS. Starting to feel better, so I'm back to my regular posting schedule. Besides the lack of general mobility to get things done in a timely fashion, it's been a frustrating start to garden season. Rodents, bugs, uncommonly rainy and cold... Generally frustrating all around.

Thankfully there's a new Emily King album out that's been on constant repeat. My editrix extraordinaire finished editing the first volume of The Almanac of Wonder and Wander while at jury duty. Excited to get the proof back, get the book in final edit, and some actual books printed! And, we are finally getting our workshop/storage space in a couple weeks so we won't feel quite as bursting at the seams as we do right now. Onward and forward!

1. Science on a shoe-string (Nature). How do you do Science when you don't have adequate funding?

2. The Modern World is Aging Your Brain (Wired). Is there such a thing as too much? Yes, probably, maybe.

3. I'm feeling a bit of newsletter saturation, especially when I start to see the same 5 links to articles across my newsletter spectrum. My favorite (surviving) newsletters these days are niche information or personal stories. And then I start to think is a newsletter really the best place for this information? I miss Google Reader.

If you don't mind sharing, what are you looking for in a good newsletter? What keeps you reading each week?
Thanks for reading, before you go…

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Jamie Larson