Week 36-23 - Photos

4 September 2023: Fermented cold dough pizza experiments continue - fresh spinach, tomatoes, and pesto from the greenhouse.

5 September 2023: It's been a great lizard watching year.

6 September 2023: We did a tiny road trip to Colorado to go to a show. We had a lovely evening walking around Olde Town Arvada and drinking beer.

7 September 2023: Seeing Janelle Monae perform at Red Rocks was EPIC.

8 September 2023: We returned home to a new wildfire start on the High Road.

9 September 2023: Tongy in Miga's kennel. Sometimes he just needs dog scented coziness.

10 September 2023: Our neighbor recommended that if we ever drove through Colorado in September to look for Palisade peach stands. We found one. They are some of the best peaches I have ever eaten.

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Jamie Larson