Week 3-23 - Photos

16 January 2023: Received some test prints of stills from a long animation I just finished. They turned out beautifully! More about this project at a later date!

17 January 2023: Passed 100,000' vert for the season, pretty good for once a week morning laps. Lots of soft fluffy goodness fell, and they've been opening more of the mountain. Still pretty empty mid-week. We've been talking a lot about how slow this winter tourist season seems.

18 January 2023: Miga living her best life in the disco donkey pose.

19 January 2023: Post dump run cafe. We're turning once a month fancy coffee excursion into a tradition. The El Tigre from Coffee Apothecary was tasty, reminded me a lot of the Borgia from Jim and Patty's in PDX. It's the simple pleasures!

20 January 2023: Had to document the first time they've actually cuddled with each other willingly. Friends.

21 January 2023: Over the weekend we went up to the Tusas Mts. to snowshoe and shoeski. We were driving down the road trying to find a new place to hike and came across a rafter of turkeys - there were at least 15 of them, and they were huge. And yes, they gobbled.

22 January 2023: Beautiful fluffy sparkly 1'+ of snow, hiking through the forest, didn't see or hear another soul. Just the wind softly swishing through pine needles.

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Jamie Larson