Week 6-23 - Haibuno

6 February 2023

Closed and got the keys
excited trip to the land
they left so much stuff

The quality is declining, because catch-up mode is always activated. The drive to keep writing, keep putting words and images to paper, despite the time and energy set backs. There is an unexplained urgency to it all. Keep seeking answers and running into blank walls. It’s peculiar.

7 February 2023

Thirty years of joy
condensed to one final wish
life’s grand adventure

The tears keep snaking past my awareness. They fall and memories alight. One more memory to be made, one large family of strangers to celebrate with once again. The coming together of people with a common interest to see genius thrive. A celebration of simpler times, kinder times. Smiles and tears one and the same.

8 February 2023

Drive through forest
entire hillside covered
raised limbs to heaven

In the long descent from the mountains I spotted them, one small cluster standing majestically. A little further down the road, an explosion, they were everywhere, limbs to the heavens, covering entire hillsides. A subdivision of Saguaros. I went a little slap happy in the car. Wow. Wow. Wow. I could spend days lost in them drawing their shapes that have been stuck in my head and my drawings for years. Oh Saguaro, we shall meet again soon for a longer and closer introspection.

9 February 2023

Jets flying over
helicopters flying past
endless city noise

When I landed in NYC in 1999 I thought I wouldn’t survive more than a few months. It was loud. Louder than DC. Louder than Chicago. Every inch of my body and brain quivered with noise. I haven’t been to a big city like that in years. Then we went to Phoenix, the 5th largest city in the US. An endless sprawl of humanity and concrete. Cell towers disguised as palm trees. Walled off subdivision after subdivision. The ceaseless noise. It didn’t help that it was a few days before the Super Bore, and there were people everywhere. Cars, cars, and more cars. We hightailed it out of there after our business was done, and went to the Grand Canyon.

10 February 2023

Majestic canyon
pictures don’t do you justice
lost in your layers

There is something magical in the awe inspired by a first glimpse down into the Grand Canyon. We stepped up to the edge, trying not to slip on the ice, and were completely surprised and delighted. So much bigger and grander than you can imagine from a photograph. You try to spread your eyes wider but end up swinging your head back and forth to scan the whole view. And then you move to the next viewpoint and do the same thing. All day. It’s exhausting and exhilarating. The energy of watching the sunset change the colors in the canyon is palpable. Other viewers woot and laugh and sit embracing each other. A moment shared. Together, and yet wholly apart. You can stare off into the abyss and see something completely different each minute, each eyeball, each brain processing each distinct moment. It seemed like for some it was simply too much. For others, never enough.

11 February 2023

Super group, Vishnu
on the bottom, Kaibab and
Toroweap on top


12 February 2023

Speeding whole way home
deadline to pick up Miga
10 minutes to spare

Rushing head spinning madness. Driving past dry wash after dry wash. El Malpaís. The endless march of truckers on the move in both directions. Why don’t they have more trains? The colors of road cuts in former inland sea country. Cholla. Sagebrush. Dust. Coffee. Rest areas with signs warning against human traffickers. Casino. Casino. Casino. Another one. And another. New Mexico true flying by at 80 mph. The in-between places lost in time. The model dinosaur tipped over and distracted. Rusted out motels and curiosity shoppes. Speeding from one sprawl to another through a sea of sadness. Cities as solace, or so the seekers say.

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