Week 22-23 - Photos

29 May 2023: Baby bird watch continues. There were 5 babies, but one didn't make it.

30 May 2023: Glorious sunrise.

31 May 2023: Tongy being a coy boy.

01 June 2023: Cuddle puddle

02 June 2023: Rain and cold conditions continue, but now with rainbows!

03 June 2023: Late afternoon storms lead to equally glorious sunsets.

04 June 2023: Mama KP is visiting so we took a wandering circle around Valles Caldera National Preserve and beyond. Had the best breakfast burrito - The Jemez - at Highway 4 Cafe & Pastry in Jemez Springs. Beautiful scenery all day long - and we managed to avoid any storms.

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Jamie Larson