Metamorphosis - Tall Tales

We set our roots, and push them deeper. A sensual connection that is strange and unnerving. Fibers, tendrils, spill out and lengthen. Some boldly push out, some waver and pause, unsure of themselves. The world is blanketed in white, the edges smoothened moist and decomposing. Laughter and heartache spills through neurons. Bathing, breathing, cawing like crows and clicks. Time never blocked by brief moments of pain, destruction, or a withered hand that says 'no more'.

Sinking deeper our immersion combines a losing, an expanding, and a loosening. Everything at once and nothing all together. Breaths co-mingling. An exploration jumping between unfamiliar and inherent. There's a tug of war between the old way, and the way that lives just out of reach. Clobbered. With no ledge forgotten, ignored, or punched in the face. The branches and roots entangled with others, seeking a higher place and deeper activation. The seeking is active and afraid. It has boundaries in limitless, at least now while its infantile and unknowing.

Once a year in the gloaming we are reborn. We either embrace it wholeheartedly, fall like snow and fade away, or we fight it and stay apart. Aloof. Unattached. Alone. We can't stop the taproots - rootlets continually sending out new shoots, new pathways. The forge between the ears never stops. Until the day it stops completely. It takes courage and perseverance to be smartly attentive, breathing, expanding, and dreaming. A cold determination with a volcanic will to keep growing and connecting. Spirit winding not withering.

Tend our roots, and the rest follows unsurprised ready for broader action. Sink and breathe in a deeper more expansive place. Peace is a piece of the whole knitted together, and intertwined with love and experience breathing together as one.

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Jamie Larson